Sensors vs Connectors: Which HealthType are you?

18 August, 2022

No two bodies are the same, which is why health and wellness is never a one-size-fits-all. It makes sense to approach health and fitness in a personalised manner – by looking at what your body naturally excels at and knowing what doesn’t work for you. Knowing, and understanding, your healthtype is the first step to a personalised health approach.

That’s the concept behind personalised health 360, a program that isn’t a program in a traditional sense, but rather an approach that looks at your genetics and epigenetics to determine the best approach for your body.

In ph360 there are six broad categories of HealthTypes, Each healthtype has its own special attributes, but within each healthtype there are millions of variations, no two individuals are the same. 

Two of these healthtypes are Sensors and Connectors, which sit opposite one another on the HealthType circle.

What is the Sensor HealthType? 

The Sensor is often the most slender, and perhaps, the tallest in a group.  Even if they’re not tall, they will typically have noticeably long fingers, necks, torsos, and feet. They don’t tend to retain much fat or muscle, but if they do it usually goes on around the stomach. 

The name comes from the fact that they are very sensitive to the world around them. They have a highly developed brain and are constantly subconsciously collecting data, choosing the safest paths, and making logical decisions with the information presented to them. 

This HealthType is like a bird – happy nesting away from others, naturally introverted, and they need structure. They can be sensitive to the cold, and can be easily stressed which leads to fatigue and a suppressed immune system. 

Even though they don’t put on weight easily, Sensors can suffer from poor food choices with gut issues, low energy and mood swings, which is why it’s important for them to still eat well.  Typically, that means small portions throughout the day to fuel the body evenly without overwhelming their sensitive digestive system. 

Similarly, this HealthType should engage in light daily exercise to maintain strength and fitness without overwhelming the body. 

What is the Connector HealthType? 

Connectors are typically short, with short fingers and an apple or pear shaped body. They tend to put on weight easily, and can add muscle mass. 

If a Connector were an animal they would be a dog. Everyone loves them, and they give and receive affection openly. They are naturally extroverted, very social, and always in the midst of the action. 

This HealthType loves variety, whether that’s in people, food, activities, or exercises. They have a robust gut and can eat just about anything, and benefit from including plenty of colours, textures, and flavours in their meals. 

When it comes to exercise, Connectors do best in social sports and classes, especially when there is variety in the workouts. Results can take time, but if they stick to the plan and can stay motivated, they will get good results! 

What’s the difference between Sensors vs Connectors? 

Where one is tall, the other is short. Where one has a sensitive stomach, the other can eat practically anything. Where one loves structure and routine, the other is spontaneous and up for anything. 

Sensors and Connectors are worlds apart, and yet many diets and exercise regimes would recommend that they both do the same thing. 

Instead, ph360 takes an individualised approach. Starting with their HealthType, this program creates personalised exercise and diet plans for each person that are made to work with their natural strengths and tendencies, rather than against them. 

Find out your HealthType with a free personalised health consultation with Pam to get started on your personalised health journey today.