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Personalise your health with the ph360 programme to get the best results for your body.

It’s time to change GENERIC to GENETIC with ph360


We are all unique!  Don’t settle for yet another standard meal plan or exercise program that wasn’t designed for your genetics. Customise you personal health and wellness with ph360.


Understand that while your genes are inherited, you can control which genes are switched on and off.  This is  epigenetics.


Eating the right food and exercising is not only different for everyone, but there are other factors that are halting your health and wellbeing progress. ph360 will guide you to optimal health and happiness.

You can personalise your life with ph360, the world’s most advanced personalised health profiling system, taking all the guesswork and generalisation out of your wellbeing!

Backed by 100% evidence-based medical research in 15 areas of science, including genetics and epigenetics, the ph360 platform is ground-breaking and will give you insights into all areas of your life.

This isn’t just about weight loss either, the program works to increase your energy, improve your mood, balance your blood sugar, speed up your metabolism, and help you sleep better and feel great.

This program doesn’t give you a generic plan that worked for someone else with completely different genetics and lifestyle. This program starts by first understanding you – your genetics and your strengths and talents.  The information it delivers gives you specifics of your best foods, exercise regime, sleep schedule, climate, and an in-depth understanding of your brain at work, socially and in general function – a personalised health plan designed for your unique body.

As an endorsed Personalised Health Coach, I will help you to understand, prioritise and implement the information, and most importantly, help you to put it into action to create real change in your health!



“I’m so thankful to Pam for introducing me to the concept of PH360. I have always felt that my body operated a little differently than everyone else’s. Finding out that I was a Sensor helped illuminate the reasons behind why I prefer warm weather, lighter exercise, time to myself, fully cooked meals, and why I have a body frame that stays consistent regardless of what I eat.

PH360 gave me specific tips and guidelines on not just diet and exercise, but also mental health, prioritising stimulation AND rest, time to myself, and working towards a peaceful family life and less stressful, more fulfilling work.

Pam has helped me to implement practical real-life changes and helped shaped my awareness around how my body was made and how it can best function.”

Breigh, Lower Hutt


“My husband and I both took the Health Assessment with Pam and it was fantastic to discover so much about each other, despite being together for 27 years!

It helped us realise that our bodies and minds are different, and have different needs in order to stay well and healthy.  We are now finding common ground in order to cater to each other’s needs around things like routine, food, exercise types, hobbies, sleep cycles, etc. We now understand one another even better than before and we know exactly how to help each other to reach our health goals.”

Maribel, Lower Hutt


“Ph 360 enabled Pam to build a holistic picture of my lifestyle, priorities and needs so that she could support me better to understand and achieve my goals.

It helped me focus and challenged me to face up to some unspoken issues.
Pam is an empathetic trainer who works with you as a partnership. I highly recommend her and Ph360″

Mike, Auckland

How it works…

1.  Measure and assess:

By taking specific measurements that tell us about your body’s unique development and its current health status, the ph360 platform will provide you with personalised health advice that is built for you!

2.   You will discover:

Find Optimal Food through ph360

Learn about the best foods for your genetics, and get access to meal planners and recipes to inspire you to include more of these dishes and snacks into your everyday life.


Start working out in ways that work for you. As your health coach, and a personal trainer, I will support you and empower you to follow an exercise plan tailored for your body.

An improved lifestyle with ph360

Unravel your natural strengths workwise, socially, and in relationships and use those skills to further improve your health and wellbeing.

Empowerment through the ph360 programme

Personalised health will help you to understand yourself and appreciate how your unique mind and body works instead of trying to fit into a generic mold.

The ultimate timing for your body

Learn about chronobiology and how to apply it to your personalised health plan to optimise your daily schedule.

3. Support from your health coach

You are not alone – Together with your personalised health coach and access to a team of health professionals, we will help you to turn your best intentions into your best results, so you can look and feel the best you ever have.

Track your results with ph360

Your health program recommendations change as you do, so the final step in the process is to track your results so that you’re always up to date with the best meals, exercise, and advice for your needs.

Meet your Coach

Pam – Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Many years ago, I was a 40 cigarette a day smoker, overweight, pursuing a career in the shipping industry and not very healthy. If someone had told me then that one day I would be a personal trainer and health coach, I would have laughed, and my friends and family would have had a good giggle too!

Pam is a Certified
Personal Trainer and Health Coach

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