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“Too good not to share and a number of my friends and family are now clients too”

I’ve been working with Pam for over 6 years now and I’m certainly seeing and feeling the benefits. Sessions with Pam are as challenging as they are entertaining, but there’s always breath left for a laugh. Pam is a master of the art of negotiation, offering choices based on how I’m feeling, but making sure at the same time that I am challenging myself.

I have been to a gym in the past but have never worked out to the level I do with Pam, she gives me the confidence to push myself and having a personal cheer leader really does make a difference.

And it’s not all about the exercise, Pam cares about the general well-being of her clients. She offers advice and encourages goal setting, she’ll even provide gentle reminders of the goals you have set by text or email to help keep you on track.

Pam has been too good not to share and a number of my friends and family are now clients too.  Debra, Upper Hutt

“I feel so much better mentally and physically and now, amazingly, look forward to my weekly session”

As someone who never really liked gyms and got easily bored with an exercise regime, I decided a personal trainer was my only hope to gain some semblance of fitness.  I found Pam online and liked the fact that she seemed normal and not too scary! Working out 1:1 is so much more enjoyable and Pam continues to smile through my grunts and groans, gently coaxing me but with no recrimination when I collapse in a heap  or have put on the odd kilo. The result is that I’m still going 12 months later and I have had to buy new suits as I have lost 12 kg, and more importantly kept it off. I feel so much better mentally and physically and now amazingly look forward to my weekly session.  Thanks Pam!  Mike, Lower Hutt

“Fit Future is not just a saying, Pam embodies that mantra to ensure her clients are fit for living”

I have been training with Pam since 2018. After a back injury, I needed someone who could tailor a programme specifically for me & also monitor me so that I don’t cause any more damage.

Pam’s workouts keep me mentally interested, balancing that with strengthening my problem areas, and also strengthening body areas that weaken with age.

Fit Future” is not just a saying, Pam embodies that mantra to ensure her clients are fit for living.

Whether you want help with injury rehab, weight loss or general fitness Pam is well qualified to help you.  Of equal importance is that she is professional, friendly & fun.  Sessions with Pam are really enjoyable. Anne, Lower Hutt

“I couldn’t have got to Outward Bound without Pam”

I am not a fan of gyms. I have enrolled in the past, started out ok but like most stopped going and given up. Things changed over a year ago though when I decided I wanted to go to Outward Bound. Now I’m a mature person and my exercise wasn’t exactly regular, apart from a bit of dancing, so when I went to see Pam and told her of my goal I was expecting her to go ‘Yeah Right – no chance”. She didn’t, she said ‘great goal, let’s work towards that’. After asking me some questions about what I needed, she went away and did her own research and came back with a plan. She assessed my ability and worked out what I needed to be ready. That goal has been and gone now and I had the best time ever, I couldn’t have got to Outward Bound without Pam. We are on to my next goal now prompted by my OB experience. I still dislike gyms but I look forward to my weekly session with Pam. It gets me started on the right track for the day and I can release the weeks crap. I wouldn’t do it any other way now. Highly recommend working with Pam.   Lorna, Upper Hutt

“Specific exercise … means I have no more pain”

Pam has been my personal trainer for more than a year now and I thoroughly enjoy the programme that Pam prepares for me. As a middle aged woman it is important to keep up my muscle and tone so I can still enjoy being fit and maintain my strength.  My general fitness and tone has definitely improved. Pam is always so positive and encouraging.  My aching shoulder because of Pam’s specific exercise on my rotator muscle means I have no more pain. I highly recommend Pam as a personal trainer. I know Pam has a studio but coming to my home is even better.  Anna, Lower Hutt

“Made sure what we were doing was the best thing for me to do”

I started with Pam as part of the 20 Week Challenge. She really got to know me, made sure what we were doing was the best thing for me to do. It ensured I was coordinated with my other training, and also with the physio I was doing. Everything fitted together beautifully. She has also spent a bit of time repairing me from damage I get at other PT sessions!! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Pam and learning about what I should be doing. I’ve made sure this has flowed into other areas of my training and my life. I’d recommend her to everyone and anyone. I wear her t-shirt all the time as a walking advert and still train with her even though the challenge has finished!  Michelle, Lower Hutt

“Tailors my programme to my capabilities and keeps it interesting”

I started with Pam to help me keep on track with a weight loss programme I had already started.  Since starting with Pam, I have kept on track with my weight loss and have got much fitter and more flexible. Pam is always prepared to be flexible and add/change sessions for me should that be required. I really enjoy working with Pam- she tailors my programme to my capabilities and level, and keeps it interesting. She is great and I would happily recommend her to others.  Linda, Upper Hutt

“Because of Pam’s insightful observations of my posture, my lower back doesn’t hurt as much as it used to!”

“As my working life got busier, I struggled to find time to do enough of the right kinds of exercise to maintain a healthy weight. I had been walking to keep fit but was getting increasingly tight leg muscles and still had no real core muscle strength. I decided to take a course of 10 sessions with Pam to try and turn my fitness and strength around and set some goals for myself. Pam is awesome! She responded to my telephone query with all the right answers to my questions, and I felt comfortable talking to her immediately. We set up an initial meeting to decide how to proceed and then I met her weekly at her studio. Pam worked with me to set diet and exercise goals and tailored them to suit an injury I was having trouble with. Our sessions were varied and lots of fun – I would often arrive tired and lacking in energy and with a headache and leave fully energised with a big smile on my face. It was such a good feeling to have successfully completed interval training, a range of challenges with a Swiss Ball, some kick boxing and floor exercises. I really enjoyed working with Pam, we laughed a lot and exercise with her was lots of fun and never the same. Because of Pam’s insightful observations of my posture I also now have some excellent stretches to practice during the day and my lower back doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. Pam’s idea was such a simple solution to a long term complaint. Thank you Pam! I would have no hesitation recommending you!”  Jenny, Lower Hutt

“Feeling fitter and stronger than ever!”

“I would like to say that the process of getting fit has never been more enjoyable!  I have been a regular at Fit Future for over 2 years now and am feeling fitter and stronger than ever. With two grown children, I have been a member of several gyms over the years but only ever attended group classes as the gym equipment was too daunting and I was worried about doing myself damage. Pam always makes sure that my technique is correct, whether we go for a run, do some Muay Thai or use the TRX, ensuring that my workouts are effective as well as fun. Pam is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about everything related to exercise and nutrition and I would, and do, recommend her to anyone who wants to have a Fit Future!”  Deirdre, Lower Hutt

“Exercises that fit in with what I like to do”

“Pam is a great personal trainer, as someone who is 50ish and not really a fan of a gym she was great at introducing me to exercises that fit in with what I like to do, and even introduced me to boxing! She is great for advice and showing you the correct way to do an exercise. I would highly recommend her.” Irene, Wellington

“Encouraging, professional and understanding”

“Pam took me on as a novice and someone who had not done any form of exercise in 20 years. Her approach was to assess my physical status and then design an initial programme to meet my fitness level. Throughout the various programmes Pam was very encouraging, professional and understanding of any physical limitations. Pam made a difference to my attitude and approach to fitness and as a result, diet.” Helen

“Monitors your workout throughout making sure its safe, but still challenging”

Pam is a truly awesome personal trainer. She listens to all the ideas and goals you have for working on fitness, and then turns this into practical workout routines. These are both challenging (and sometimes even fun!); but Pam monitors your workout throughout making sure its safe, but still challenging. Pam is always open to ideas and feedback and looking for ways to make the fitness routine varied and never boring, but still focused on where you need to be aiming for future improvement.   Wilson, Wellington

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