The 6 HealthTypes of personalised health

May, 2022

A key part of the personalised health 360 program is the breakdown of the six different HealthTypes. Everyone falls into one of these six groups, and knowing which one you’re in is the first step in your journey to personalised health.  Within your dominate healthtype, are billions of variations with influences from other healthtypes, no two people are the same, your profile is unique.

Ph360 will explain more about your body and health, why it is the way it is, and what might work best for you specifically when it comes to improving your fitness and wellbeing.  A ph360 health coaching will help you interpret your profile and help you. 

Here’s a quick guide to the six HealthTypes.

the 6 health types diagram - ph360

The Diplomat

The Diplomat HealthType usually is medium to tall in height, and not naturally lean. They are often an average weight or heavier, and either a pear or apple shape, although their body shape can vary. This health type also tends to have strong legs – think of the physique of ancient Greek gods, or warriors. It’s quite normal for the Diplomat to carry extra weight, and when they gain weight, it typically goes to the top or the bottom of the body.

If you think of HealthTypes as a circle, the Diplomat sits between 270 and 330 degrees. They are born with a mixed dominance of the endoderm and ectoderm germ layers.

The Connector 

The Connector HealthType tends to be fairly short, but with a medium-to-heavy bone structure and an apple or pear shape body type. They often have a heart-shaped face and short fingers, and a combination of both muscle and fat – and the ability to gain a lot of both. 

When they gain weight, it either goes to the lower body to emphasise a pear shape, or to the upper body for the apple shape. 

On the HealthType circle, the Connector sits between 150 and 210 degrees. They are born with a dominance of mesoderm and endoderm layers, and are a combination of mesomorphic and endomorphic bodies. 

The Activator

The Activator is usually quite small – they’re short, with short fingers, and small hands and feet. They often also have a shorter femur. They usually have a square or angular jaw, and either a square or V-shape through the body as well. 

They’re often quite naturally toned with a medium build. And when they put on weight, it usually goes on quite evenly. 

On the HealthType Circle, Activators sit between 90 and 150 degrees. They are the most mesomorphic of the HealthTypes, and are born with a dominance of the Mesoderm germ layer.

The Crusader

Crusaders are usually medium sized, with a V or rectangular shape and a lean frame. They often have an oval-shaped face, small wrists and ankles, and a fairly toned physique. Even then, they can struggle to build a lot of muscle, and when they put on weight, it usually goes around their midsection. 

This HealthType is between 30 and 90 degrees on the circle, and are a combination of ectomorphic and mesomorphic bodies. 

The Guardian

The Guardian HealthType is typified by a broad body structure, with thick bones and large joints. They are the strongest of the six types, and usually have a round or square shape with thick wrists, fingers, and feet. 

When they put on weight, it goes on evenly, and they can be either tall or short. Guardians also have the largest capacity to carry extra weight. 

Of all the HealthTypes, Guardians are the most endomorphic, with a dominance in the endoderm germ layer. They sit between 210 and 270 degrees on the HealthType circle.

The Sensor

The Sensor HealthType is often quite tall, and they also often have long limbs, fingers, torsos, feet, and necks. This ‘long’ bone structure is usually quite light, which can mean they do not tend to retain fat or muscle mass, but can also make them more inclined to experience osteoporosis. Sensors also ‘sense’ they don’t have a lot of physical strength, so may compensate with a greater awareness of their surroundings.

If they do put on weight, it often goes on around the belly, and their overall shape is one of a ruler, with a long or oval-shaped face.

This HealthType is the most ectomorphic of the group, and they sit between 300 and 30 degrees in the circle, with a dominance in the ectoderm germ layer from birth.

Below you can find a video explaining more about the HealthTypes.

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